In Ancient Europe, Alexandrite, the June birthstone, symbolized such contrdictive instances as love and passion, envy and jealousy. Though in Asian countries it had quite a different meaning. Alexandrite believed to grant its owner luck, prosperity and longevity.

But despite these discrepancies, the stone is believed to help a man immersed in a meditative state in both cultures. Alexandrite not only expands creativity but also increases the possibility of its owners to express themselves. It guides them to the understadings of how to achieve the desired goals with less effort.

The thing is, Alexandrite establishes the energy balance between the 3 manifestations of a human being: physical, astral & mental one. Moreover, it rebuilds the mental, emotional and spiritual sides of its owner. To reveal and strengthen its positive influence, simply pair Alexandrite with some other suitable stone.

Since Alexandrite is the June birthstone, it is a great choice for people born under  Gemini and Leo zodiac signs.