Being a September birthstone, Sapphire was considered a symbol of purity, chastity and morality since ancient times. Translated from the Greek, the word “sapphire” means “blue”.

The chemical composition of this gem is alumina (usually with small amounts of iron, chromium and other metals). Titanium gives Sapphire that blue color, but it can be of other colors, such as yellow or white. But the most highly-valued color at all times is a cornflower-blue sapphire with a beatiful shimmer.

Blue Sapphire is a symbol of balance, serenity and peace. It concentrates the multi-directional, polar sign energy. No wonder that people say “if a sapphire ring is on your finger, the luck is in your hands!” But luck blesses only those who have spared effort to achieve the goal. Therefore, Sapphire bestows power and authority, and is not recommended for wearing to lazy people.

It is said, that blue color of Sapphire relieves tension, nervousness, insomnia. Since ancient times, Sapphire is believed to restrain passions and excessive excitement.

Since Sapphire is the September birthstone, it is a great choice for people born under Virgo and Libra zodiac signs.