In astrology, you might regularly hear the expression ‘house’. Nope, it has nothing to do with anyone’s home. These houses refer to particular spaces in the outer world. Basically, they are an arrangement of 12 divisions of the Plane of the ecliptic.

The 12 zodiac signs and planets travel through all the houses amid the course of a day. Each one house has its own particular interesting qualities that influence the data in your everyday horoscope!

Here are the representations of each of the 12 houses:

1st House: One’s outer identity or outward way
2d House: Money, fortune, goals for riches
3rd House: Basic connections and mentality
4th House: Family, ancestors, associations with the past
5th House: Risk-taking joys, undertakings, liberality
6th House: Well-being, dealing with one’s self
7th House: Contractual connections, marriage and organizations
8th House: Sexual drive, reproduction, private life
9th House: Intellect, aims, beliefs
10th House: Influence on others, professional potential
11th House: Social connections
12th House: Personal impediments, difficulties and hindrances