No doubt, relationship is very important. And, as a rule, a couple is something stable and happy. On the other hand, breakup is a phenomenon that takes place as a result of a different mentality, life-style, and lots of other factors. Can we predict splitting up? Well, not really. But astrology can be your guide if you feel something isn’t right. the thing is, every zodiac sign posesses different traits. And some traits can be rather unpleasing and thus, lead to breakup. what are these traits? Let’s find out:

Bad traits of Aries are:

1. Aries can be short-tempered.
3. Some of them are naive and immature.
3. And some are always getting distracted.
4. Self-Centered and impulsive, – yes, that’s what they can be.
5. Impatient and sometimes selfish, – yep.

Bad traits of  Taurus are:

1. Obstinate.
2. Poor at housework.
3. Challenging (sometimes it’s a very positive trait, though).
4. Sometimes boring.
5. Set-aside.

Bad traits of Gemini are:

1. The are hard to rely on.
2. Certainly not trustworthy.
3. Gain an advantage.
4. Are impatient from time to time.
5. Incomplete (rarely though).

Bad traits of Cancer are:

1. Moody
2. Irresponsible
3. Sometimes unreliable
4. Immature
5. Dull

Bad traits of Leo are:

1. Flirty
3. Self-Obsessed
3. “Always right”
4. Consideration seeker
5. Haughty

Bad traits of Virgo sign are:

1. Important
2. Non-initiators
3. Fickle
several. Insecure
5. Suspicious

Bad traits of Libra are:
1. Diplomatic
2. Prolong discusser
3. Certainly not real
4. Obsessed having physical elegance
5. Poor

Bad traits of Scorpio are:
1. Green with envy
2. Manipulator
3. Clever
4. Deceptive
5. Mysterious

Bad traits of Sagittarius are:

1. Worst type of Listeners
2. Complainer
3. “I learn all” attitude
4. Owning
5. Insensitive

Bad traits of Capricorn are:
1. Self-Prior
a couple of. Freak
3. Egoistic
4. Non-spontaneous
5. Set-aside

Bad traits of Aquarius are:

1. Singled out
2. Uninteresting
3. Frustrating
4. Judgmental
5. Deceptive

Bad traits of Pisces are:
1. Spacey
3. Lazy
3. Mixed up
4. Requiring
5. Impractical