AQUARIUS ZODIAC (1/20 – 2/18)


The symbol of Aquarius is the person who holds two vessels: one of them contains the clean, pure water, and the ‘dead’ water is in the other vessel. It manifests the separation of good and evil, black and white.
Aquarius people are often rebels against the existing system. They are able to create an entire theory justifying their love of freedom. They can be stubborn and uncompromising. They like new things; can see the old ones in a new light.

It is much easier for Aquarius to love the whole world than one person. He can be very cold and always keeps distance in dealing with people. Although communicates easily and he has many friends and acquaintances.
Though Aquarius is an active, sociable, communicative personality, he sometimes feels that he is very lonely and that his ties with this world are not strong enough. Because of this, his attitude to his family and friends changes drastically during lifetime. Prone to seemingly meaningless, absurd but deliberate actions and extreme cruelty.

One of the positive features of Aquarius is the ability to self-sacrifice.

In matters of morality and ethics Aquarius decides what is good and what is not. He has his own views on sexual and personal relationships. This is a man who does not like to make any commitments and avoids situations that limit his freedom. In a sign of paradoxical blend of altruism and selfishness. 

People born under the Aquarius sign strongly crave for the latest achievements of technology. Generally, they like to use technology in everyday life. Like to stick to modern views and new trends.

He has a great opportunity for spiritual development. Can spontaneously manifest psychological ability, insight into the mysteries of the human being. Often expresses extraordinary ideas that are ahead of time and do not fit in the minds of contemporaries who do not understand them and persecuted.