They say there are about 8000 professional psychics / astrologers in the USA. Not one of the most sought-after careers after all! And yet there are some opportunities for those who dream of becoming a real psychic.

Psychic education

Good news! It turns out, a psychic can have a traditional education. And here is why. Up until recently, Kepler College (formerly known as Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences) was the only college in the USA offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in astrology. However, the college recently discontinued its degree program due to the lack of accreditation. But Kepler, located in Washington, still offers several certificate programs. Follow the link below to read info on their official site:

Another option to get basic education is to attend some local courses. Lots of psychics run their own home-based business and work as personal consultants. Why not try it? It’s a nice option to choose from, especially if you have a really good understanding of clairvoyance as well as the effects of celestial bodies on lives of other. Your creativity and good analytical skills might be of help. But first, be aware of all the relevant legal terms a psychic can come across.

Job opportunitines

If you just want to do horoscope readings then check with your local magazines, newspapers or relevant websites to see if they are hiring. But remember, to be taken seriously you should constantly educate yourself.

And there is one more option worth mentioning: try the online commuity, such as Oranum. Simply sign up (it’s free) and give your abilities a try.  You can do it right now (simply click on the banner below). Good luck!