CANCER ZODIAC (6/21 – 7/22)


A Cancer zodiac sign is primarily a sign of motherhood, home and devotion. Its representatives are sensitive people who are constantly striving to gain inner perfection. They have a deep spiritual life, they are constantly changing internally. Understand much without words, are very perceptive, sensual and unpredictable.

Cancers are eternal children. The most important period of their life is childhood. Grown-ups like to go back to the past, to recollect things. For Cancers, it is very important to choose high childhood landmarks, spiritual authorities for further development. Easily influenced, they often break apart from the desire to accommodate all the influences that they encounter. Their feelings are sometimes beyond the control of reason, forcing them to act unpredictably.

Cancers are truly committed to their home and family. They want to have a stable home and family more than anything in the world. Cancers are ideal parents. But they do not tolerate disobedience, can be pushy when sure they are right and, especially, when they are in a bad mood.

Nethertheless, they are unusually vulnerable. Often, in order to protect themselves, they are trying to pretend to be strong. Often (and subconsciously) they tend to gain public and social authority while not having sufficient grounds on their inner side. Their strength is not visible externally: it is in the family, in the ability to love. They simply love to bring joy to people, to help, to protect.

The best country for a Cancer zodiac sign to live is India, intimately related to its past, this country has deep spiritual traditions.