CAPRICORN ZODIAC (12/22 – 1/19)

capricorn zodiac

Symbol of the Capricorn zodiac is a mountain goat, a climber. The sign is located at the top of the Earth triangle – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Hence the tendency to acquire practical and tangible experience on the physical side and, at the same time, an unrealistic dream of the highest skies. In its highest sense, Capricorn dreams of the ideal becoming a reality.

Among Capricorns there are a lot of pessimists, ascetics, people who are extremely secretive, fending for themselves. They definitely have a problem with communication, as well as emotional life. Capricorns sometimes feel lonely and unhappy and sometimes – closed and reclusive. These qualities come from their inner vulnerability, serving as self-defense. 

At the same time Capricorn is ambitious, serious and committed to his work. Loves discipline, he’s always responsible and practical. Has an amazing ability to clearly see the true purpose and direction. Capricorn is the sign of a huge commitment, a great combination of strategy and tactics, that is, the ability to combine long-and short-term plans.  Capricorn is also good at hiding his or her plans and ideas. One can never guess the intentions by his or her behavior.

From the moment he begins to trust someone, he becomes a loyal and true friend. Capricorns are naturally modest, loyal and noble people. But despite those positive features, some Capricorns are considered to be rather selfish. They show their selfishness when want to protect what’s been achieved. When it comes to money, they are careful, sensible and practical.

The sign has a tendency to be ambitious. Capricorn can achieve power and glory, he has the ability to lead and manage people. He listens to nobody, always knows what to do. Even in matters of spiritual development he is usually guided by his inner ambitions.
Capricorn manifests itself most often in commerce and politics. In any profession, which he is engaged in, he attains the highest professionalism. Can work from early morning till night and not get tired. Yet he would rather remain unemployed than accept a job that does not involve the upcoming promotion. 

Towards the opposite sex he unconsciously manifests romanticism.

He has a very stable and deep emotional memory: doesn’t ever forget his experience and feelings. While on the emotional level, he tries not to be dismissed. Hence the eternal frustration and inferiority emotional world, which give rise to vulnerability. Capricorn cannot overload the scope of senses. It can cause depression, cynicism. 

But he is capable of compassion, loves to take care of others. If he does not meet his perfect match, he’ll remain alone: no compromises.