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Nowadays, in the psychic industry, out of every 5 people who call themselves psychics, maybe only one out of 5 is actually a genuine psychic. But still there is hope for those who want to find genuine psychics and honest psychic readings. So, let us see how we can find genuine psychics out there:

1) Many fake psychics online ask for your date of birth and your zodiac sign, the country and city you live in and your age. That’s how they can check a reading in your local newspaper and retell it to you, and your location and age can say a lot about your life, education and social status.

Remember: real psychics will never ask you questions, they will only give you true answers to your questions.

2) If it’s an offline reading, then it’s better to for you to wear casual clothes, wear no jewelry and wedding rings, designer clothes/bags during the meeting. Everything from the way you sit, talk, clothes you wear and jewelry you have on can tell fake psychics a lot about you.

3) Genuine psychics will not mind if you test them by asking them a few simple questions of your choice.

4) True psychics will be honest and will behave as if they are your best friends (making a lot of cash out of you) but will honestly provide you with a professional service – just like any other consultant.

5) Genuine psychics do not give you false hopes and do not promise you anything more than honest psychics readings. They will never try to manipulate you into returning to them again soon.

Hopefully these tips will help you to find genuine psychics and get honest psychic reading.