GEMINI ZODIAC (5/21 – 6/20)

gemini zodiac

A Gemini zodiac sign is usually depicted in the form of two vertical columns indicating the gates of knowledge, leading to the domain of wisdom. Esoteric symbol of the sign are two monkeys: the stupid one, blindly imitating others and the divine monkey whose mental level is inaccessible to the average person.

Those who were born under Gemini sign are delicate, nice people. They are not rude like Aries, not pushing like Taurus, not wimpy like Virgo. They can find a common ground with any person. At first glance, because of indiscriminate sociability, Gemini can be considered shallow. But they are not. Information that they receive from the conversations is the soil where they grow their intellect.

Perhaps the Twins would be the most intelligent sign of the Zodiac if it’s not for their abrupt, impulsive thinking and inconsistent behavior, usually resulting in confusion. Though Gemini can be very persistent and purposeful.
They are excellent writers, journalists, managers, carriers, television commentators as well as businessmen, salesmen. Letters, documents, mail, short trips, public speaking – that’s what Twins love. 

Easily falling in love, Gemini are dreamers. They never come on time and at the same time do not like to wait. They are forgetful and often lose things. For Twins, it costs nothing to sincerely promise and then forget about the promise. 

June is the best month for Gemini. They can plan summer vacation, make short trips out of town, make new acquaintances, meet with friends.