When is it better to cut hair?

The lunar calendar is a great helper in planning a successful time for a haircut. So, there are two simple rules:

If you want your hair grows faster and have a strong hair roots then cut and feed it during the waхing Moon.
If you want to slow your hair growth but to strengthen hair roots then cut it during the waning Moon.

It’s not recommended to cut hair during the New Moon, on the 9th, 15th, 23d and 25th lunar day. Lunar and solar eclipse are unsuitable either.

Haircut and zodiac sign

Also, the most important thing in determining the time of visiting a hairdresser is your zodiac sign. Here are a few basics:

Moon in Aries accelerates the growth of hair but does not improve its quality.

Moon in Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo also creates a positive effect: hair grows better, even if you use chemicals (all kinds of hair dyes, carving and so on).

Moon in Gemini improves curly hair.

Moon in Gemini and Libra – haircut makes hair grow rapidly, though their structure does not change.

Moon in Aquarius – if possible, refrain from any haircuts.

Moon in Pisces or Cancer – slows hair growth, these days are suitable for people with brittle and dry hair.

Moon in Leo is the best period for hair coloring and new hairstyles. Haircut makes hair beautiful, lush and silky during this period.

Moon in Sagittarius is one the unfavorable periods – hairstyle loses its shape. But hair grows quickly.

Moon in Scorpio affects the quality of the hair: does not have a strong influence on hair: it can become even harder and thicker. But it is an extremely risky period for a hairstyle, as it can not only improve but also make your personal life and relations with the opposite sex worse in general.

And yet, decades of observing lunar rhythms and their influence on the hair led to the conclusion that the best time for a haircut is a full Moon. Our body is a biological structure influenced by the rhythms of nature. Time of the full Moon is the point when everything is full of energy. The time when we need to let the new energy in and to get rid of the burden. A perfect time for a trim!

Here is a list of the best waxing moon 2015 dates to cut your hair to increase its growth: