LEO ZODIAC (7/23 – 8/22)


Step aside, animals, Leo is coming! Leo is a sign of the rulers of the world, kings and queens: Gaius Julius Caesar, Napoleon, the founder of the Romanov dynasty Mikhail Fedorovich, Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph 1, Fidel Castro, Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat. They all were born under Leo zodiac sign. Representatives of this sign may not be better than others, but they have a special magnetism. Nobody can resist the solar aura that surrounds the Lions.
Lion is driven by desire to become famous, to attract attention. He needs to feel his leadership and have visible proof of it. Authority can certainly be a great temptation for Leo. Leo is a sign of creative power, creative enthusiasm. He is intended to be engaged in some creative activities, hates routine work. He is attracted to occupations associated with the ability to express himself. Love gambling.

Lions are gifted actors. May engage in commercial activities, theater, cinema, any area that will help them to become a celebrity, or at least give the opportunity to be creative. Some Lions are willing to do anything to be in the limelight.

Lions are maximalists. They believe that it is better not to work than to do what they are not satisfied with. In dealing with people or subordinates Leo can tolerate things accumulating discontent, and then suddenly he breaks down.

Since Leo is a very proud sign, he will only fight when his personal interests are involved. In the worst case, he’ll fight only for himself, but if you are lucky, he’ll fight for your business and his loved ones too. Lions never ask for help, do not like to lend and loan, be obliged in any way.

Want to tame Lion – let him speak. Lions know how to speak well. However, they can be great dreamers.

Leo is the ruler of Love. When Leo falls in love, feelings become the core of his life. Leo’s lover should pay maximum attention to him – Leos are very sensitive to the lack of attention to themselves.

Lion’s best countries for a living are Georgia and Italy.