LIBRA ZODIAC (9/23 – 10/22)

libra zodiac

The symbol of the Libra zodiac sign is two scales, it defines the pursuit of stability and harmony, awareness of the supreme law of our universe, the objectivity of judgment.

The defining feature of Libra is the ability to gather friends with the same interests. Libra hates being alone. Libra needs someone who would share his views.  For them, it’s very important to realize that everyone loves them and each other.

Libra is the sign of refined politeness, sophistication and love of beauty. Libra is the sign of idealism. People of Libra often change their opinion, often are contradictory. Easily influenced.

Good manners  is a distinctive feature of Libra. Libra, as a rule, is the most educated of all the zodiac signs. It is a sensitive person who appreciates good manners, who likes to invite and entertain guests. Libra has a delicate sense of balance, suspended emotions,  good intuition. People born under this sign are also characterized by an extraordinary charm.

People of Libra love beautiful things: art, music, poetry, nature. But do not expect too much of Libra. They are not attached to material things. People may find Libra lazy because they love to read, have fun, relax, watch TV, talk, dream.

At the same time, Libra is the sign of partnership. Libra is the perfect partner in any endeavor, including Venus – the planet of Libra – gives them some refinement and sophistication ans sometimes – snobbery.

England is the best country for Libra to live in.