MOON PHASES IN YOUR MUG: The Moon Glass Review

OMG! If you love the Moon you need to see it! It’s a Moon glass, the first glass that duplicates the phases of the Moon while you drink your coffee (or tea or milk, or anything).

A Korean company, Tale, designed these beautiful glasses, that have a perfectly shaped bulge located on the inner part of a ceramic glass. And the result is simply awesome: with every sip you take, you reveal the Moon phases – one by one.

So How Exactly Do the Moon Phases Show Up?

As all the brilliant ideas are, it’s pretty simple. When you first pour your beverage into the glass, it looks just like a full moon from above. And, as you start sipping your drink, phases of the Moon begin to reveal themselves: it goes from the half Moon to the waning crescent and ends up with the new Moon.

If you go with the black cups just drink something white (like milk) or something opaque (like peach juice) to get the most out of the awesome effect. If you go with the black glasses then coffee or tea will do the trick.

Pricing for a two-piece Moon glass set varies between $24 and $30, depending on the size.

The Bottom Line

Well, it’s pretty ok to treat yourself or someone special. AwesomeHoroscope approves!

moon phases glass

moon phases

photo credit: tale-design.comFacebook