Being a November birthstone, topaz is a semi-precious stone, which can be both: colorless and colored (pink, blue, green, yellow, brown). Sometimes topaz can change its color (especially in a sunlight). It is very durable, resistant to acids. Topaz first found on the Topazios (Zeberged) island. Because of its high strength, it was used as a labor tool in ancient times.

Topaz is a very beautiful stone and can serve as an excellent piece of jewelry. But it’s not recommended to wear other jewelry along with topaz as it can lose its luster.

Topaz can serve as an amulet helping to cure many diseases. Topaz is a November birthstone, and is also a great choise for people born in May (Gemini, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer). It is believed that he bestows special traits of these people as well as helps to know oneself, to better understand the world and other people.

Topaz can help people suffering from gambling, irritable people. Topaz calms nervousness, relieves panic, helps to get rid of depression, helps people make right decisions.

Topaz is believed to help to guess the thoughts of others. Therefore, can be worn as a mascot for criminologists, psychics, detectives. It is believed that topaz could quell the storm, so it was considered a talisman for sailors and travelers. However, this stone does not tolerate dishonesty. Therefore topaz will not benefit people with dishonest intentions.

Topaz should be worn as a brooch or pendant.

Since Topaz is the November birthstone, it is a great choice for people born under Scorpio and Saggitarius zodiac signs.