Opal is believed to bring happiness, drive away the dark thoughts and fears, protect the wearer from illness. As a talisman, opal determines success in every endeavor. In India, it is believed that Opals help children grow, enlighten the mind, dissolved gloomy thoughts and fears, facilitate communication between people and friendly relations.

Opals give strength to those who are gifted with extrasensory perception, reveal the gift of prophecy, help predict the future. Indian magicians used opals in many magical rituals.

In Europe, Opal is a symbol of confidence, happiness, hope, tender love, pure thoughts and sympathy. But in the East Opal is a stone of false hopes and illusions that darken the mind, empty dreams and all sorts of fears.

Since Opal is the October birthstone, it is a great choice for people born under Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs.