PISCES ZODIAC (02/19-03/20)


Symbol of the Pisces zodiac sign is two fish swimming into the opposite directions. This is a mutable sign, which symbolizes the liberation of the spirit from the fetters of matter, high spirituality and beauty. Fish are soft and sensitive people by nature. Their perception of reality is always on the verge of the conscious and the unconscious. Their actions are always full of uncertainty, their life position is uncertain.

Fish are dedicated people who are prone to giving and self-sacrifice. They repel all areas of life that require struggle. They rather enjoy peace and comfort. Feel inclined to art, to sentimental feelings, to the romance in a relationship. Because of their impracticality it is very important to have a firm foothold in life. If they do not find it, they ‘die’ of loneliness. They tend to ‘dissolve’ in a loved one, to sacrifice themselves for others. Such selfless service, of course, cannot be common to all Pisces.

They always take care of their own welfare, as material wealth gives them a sense of security. For the happiness of Pisces, you must have money. By nature they are rather performers than leaders. Can succeed only in terms of cooperation. Easily adaptable to any environment, they are also easily influenced by people or circumstances. Highly dependent on the will of others, a different point of view or ideology which is currently being implemented in their minds, are easily hypnotized. Nevertheless, they have an amazing intuition.

If we speak of relationship, then it’s worth mentioning that Pisces need a partner, who would become their “anchor” in the sea of reality. He should be a practical, strong man who will give them a sense of confidence, security and peace, because they are internally sluggish, sentimental, secretive, moody and indecisive. Sometimes, because of the weakness, they can suddenly become daring and aggressive. And yet, Pisces are able to deeply feel the partner until complete identification with him.

But the portrait of the ideal representative of Pisces – a humble man accustomed to solitude, loving people, helping them, it is probably a hermit or just a good man, holding out a helping hand to the outcasts of society – prisoners, the mentally ill, to show mercy, compassion, love and attention.