SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC (11/22 – 12/21)


The symbol of the Sagittarius sign is a centaur shooting his arrow into the sky. Sagittarius combines such traits as confidence, friendliness and helpfulness. He easily makes friends with people. He loves sports and nature. He also likes to do things with others: he is very open and friendly, like a child.
Always full of hope and enthusiasm, in all cases, he is trying not to lose his heart. Knows how to attract attention, has a scientific mind, optimism and flexibility. Capable of making the right decision at the right time.
Being a teacher, a preacher or politician, he does not tolerate objections and demands unquestioning obedience from others. Has the gift of listening and understanding people. He is subconsciously able to instantly navigate and understand how to behave, to be respected.

He strongly expresses desire for education, new information. He’s ready to engage in new businesses but only if he’s absolutely confident of success. The most vivid trait of the Sagittarius – is the need for leadership and teaching. It’s a natural-born leader; people trust and obey him. His mind and body need constant mental, emotional and physical stress.

In family life, Sagittarius loves freedom. It’s difficult for him to realize that his time belongs to somebody. Sagittarius is the idealist in need of spiritual patronage, so he likes partners who are either older and wiser or much younger than him.
But beware! If his needs are not fulfilled, he can show his bad side and manifest such traits as isolation, extreme ambition and fanaticism. He may even lose self-control.