SCORPIO ZODIAC (10/23 – 11/21)


Scorpio zodiac sign is the most mysterious, powerful, deep and complex character of the Zodiac wheel. People born under this constellation, as a rule, are very closed, suspicious, distrustful, directed inward, jealous, constantly engaged in analyzing and self-condemnation. Keyword to disclose psychological portrait of Scorpio is passion.
Scorpio is set to the negation, criticism, biting sarcasm – this is his form of communication with the reality. A distinctive feature of the sign is also a deep commitment to the ideas which he believes in. If you know anything about the life of a scientist Marie Curie, which was engaged in experiments without sleep and food, you can imagine to what extent can Scorpio be dedicated to the idea. His motto is ‘all or nothing’.
But most importantly, Scorpio is as sensitive as only a sensitive person can be. Although he rebels against all the forces of suffering, they are well familiar to him. Any change in life affects his emotional state, every change in the relationship hurts him. 

It is particularly important for the Scorpio to have a clear spiritual (religious or esoteric) orientation, because there is nothing worse than a non-spiritual Scorpio.
Smiling to you, inside him he is always ready to resist. He expresses his thoughts accurately and even dramatically. Some cynicism and a sense of humor, sometimes far from harmless, protect him from reality, helping to survive.

Sex – this area is well familiar to Scorpio. But he’s also made for family life and friendship. This may seem strange, since Scorpio is traditionally considered a sign of a highly developed sexuality. But in fact, for him there is a strict boundary between the intrigue, a casual meeting and marriage. Although it may be difficult to refrain from affairs, he could hardly agree on leaving home or divorce.
The best type of Scorpio is a person who has an extraordinary spirituality, showing people the way to the higher realms. This is a fighter, capable of self-denial, altruism, enlightenment.