TAURUS ZODIAC (4/20 – 5/20)


Taurus zodiac sign belongs to Trigon of the Earth which symbolizes the huge potential and latent energy. He is usually depicted as a winged bull who is trying to free his body from the ground. It is a symbol of liberation. His aim is to organize the material life.

Taurus is characterized by stability and strength. His motto is common sense. He moves through life slowly, but his achievements are huge. It can be hard to convince a Taurus to do things, but if he did budge and decided on action, he works with diligence trying to do everything possible. He knows how to keep patience in the most difficult situations. Sometimes he is too sullen and silent. But in fact, it’s a valuable trait – he is as reliable as a Swiss bank.

He is not inclined to quickly forgive and forget. Fortunately, he does not like to interfere in the affairs of others and require the same attitude. And Taurus zodiac is very strong and consistent in his beliefs.

Late April and May are the luckiest months for this sign. It’s the best time to buy real estate, strengthen their financial affairs, conduct cleaning procedures, lie in a book on the couch. It is a good time for home remodeling.