VIRGO ZODIAC (8/23 – 9/22)

virgo zodiac

Virgo zodiac sign can be characterized by three keywords: order, thoughtfulness and performance. Virgo is often depicted in the form of three spikelets. It is about inclusion to material values which are necessary for the development of the soul. Symbol of the Virgin is Samurai.

Virgo can make people feel completely safe; they are always ready to support others in difficult times. People born under this sign usually allocate their time wisely and are always very serious on pursuing a career, so any of their activities, including creative ones, almost always meant to succeed.

Virgos can find themselves in science and medicine. A lot of scientists and outstanding physicists were born under this sign: G.L.F.Gelmgolts, M.Faradey, Zh.Kyuri, D.Dyuar, E.Rutherford, also mathematicians – A . S.Pontryagin, AM Legendre, chemists – D.Dalton A.L.Lavuaze. Virgo can be entrusted with a serious major work, and they would take it quietly, without much fuss, without interruption even at the weekend. They love to learn, learn from the experience.

A typical Virgo is capable of very great devotion, he is not insensitive, he is prone to compassion, but never gives in momentary impulse. Often suppresses his feelings, seeking primarily to provide the material basis of its existence, Virgo often shows such quality as coldness towards people.

Virgo is a sign of internal upheaval and change. Knowing this, we can understand why it is the sign of Virgo whose members develop and implement various revolutionary theories or those exercises that help transform lives. 

Most suitable country for this sign is Germany, being an embodiment of pedantry, precision and accuracy.